As far back as I can remember...

I have always been amazed to discover and try to understand nature.
Driven by curiosity, my excursions in the forest or on the river banks were not rare.
Watching deer and hares run by or enjoying the graceful flight of dragonflies and butterflies was a real pleasure for me.
It was my favourite school, that of nature, and living in the countryside was a great opportunity for me and I must admit that I enjoyed a certain freedom for that.
It was only much later in 2005 that I discovered photography by buying my very first digital camera.
Caught up in the game and in order to be able to understand the photographic technique, I trained myself as a self-taught person in order to make the most of the possibilities offered by this new toy, by gleaning information from the specialised press or from various forums dedicated to photography.
In just a few clicks, I had been harpooned by this new passion.
As I progressed, my needs and my financial possibilities, I equipped myself with much faster and more powerful digital SLR cameras, as well as various lenses.
From the outset, my interest in wildlife and nature photography was obvious and my knowledge of nature, gleaned from my childhood wanderings and daydreams, has been of great help.
Since then, this acquired knowledge has allowed me to understand and observe species in all discretion and with all the respect I owe them, by immortalizing some of these privileged moments that Mother Nature wants to grant me.
All my images are the faithful work of my observations. They are the result of research, immersions and countless hunts in their natural environment in all seasons.
I love to immerse myself in this wild and fascinating world and I take these ephemeral moments as extraordinary gifts.
Each moment is a rare pearl extracted from its case and I feel an immense pleasure to share them with you...


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